Taa’viil is a Resilient Jack who Wears a Sheen of Ice.

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0

Might Pool: 12
Might Edge: 0
Speed Pool: 14
Speed Edge: 1
Intellect Pool: 14
Intellect Edge: 0

Skills [T=Training/S=Specialized]
Might defense. T
Speed defense. T
Intellect defense. T
Balancing. T
Flex Skill:

Inability: You’re hardy but not necessarily strong. The difficulty of any task involving moving, bending, or breaking things is increased by one step.
Inability: You have a lot of willpower and mental fortitude, but you’re not necessarily smart. The difficulty of any task involving knowledge or figuring out problems or puzzles is increased by one step.

Special Abilities:
Flex Skill.
Trained Without Armour.
Ice Armor (1 Intellect).

-Impared(Effort costs 1 extra point per level applied. All rolled Minor & Major Effects ignored: 17-20 +1 dmg):
-Debilated(May not take any actions except to move/crawl. Can not move if SPEED Pool is at 0):


Recovery Rolls [1d6+]
1 Action-
1 Action-
10 Minute-
1 Hour-
10 Hours-

Shins: 11
Explorers Pack
Pack of Light Tools
Dart Thrower
24 Darts
Strong Glass Verred

Artifacts & Oddities:
Glass plate that shows what seems to be a live image of the moon, but from a closer vantage.

Crystal nodule affixed to armor- Invisibility Nodule lvl 3
Metallic spike- Reality Spike lvl 9

Connection: For a reason unknown to you, Adrian’s very presence seems to heat the air around you, making it more difficult to command the powers of ice and cold. If he is within immediate range, his presence occasionally makes it one step more difficult to hit a target with a focus ability.

Advancement(4XP each. Must complete 4 to Advance in Tier)
Increase Capabilities(Four points into stat pools)?
Move Towards Perfection(Add 1 to one of your Edges)?
Extra Effort(Increase Effort score by 1)?
Skill Training(Become Trained in one skill of your choice or Specialize in one skil you are Trained in)?



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