Say’ra is a Perceptive Nano who Siphons Power.

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0

Might Pool: 8
Might Edge: 0
Speed Pool: 11
Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Pool: 17
Intellect Edge: 1

Skills [T=Training/S=Specialized]
Numenera. T
Any task that involves finding or noticing small details. T
Any task that involves identifying objects or calling to mind a minor detail or bit of trivia. T
Any task that involves intimidating another creature. T

Inability: Your confidence comes off as arrogance to people who don’t know you. The difficulty of any task involving positive social interactions is increased by one step.

Special Abilities:
Practiced with Light Weapons
Hedge Magic (1 Intellect points)
Erase Memories (3 Intellect points)
Drain Machine (2 Intellect points)

-Impared(Effort costs 1 extra point per level applied. All rolled Minor & Major Effects ignored: 17-20 +1 dmg):
-Debilated(May not take any actions except to move/crawl. Can not move if SPEED Pool is at 0):


Recovery Rolls [1d6+]
1 Action-
10 Minute-
1 Hour-
10 Hours-

Shins: 4
Razor Ring
A book about Numenera
A bag of light tools

Artifacts & Oddities:
Scarf that appears to be made of silk but is virtually indestructible and cannot be dirtied or stained.

Injector- Antivenom lvl 8
Bracelet- Gravity Nullifier lvl 8
False Fingertip- Poison[Mind-disrupting] lvl 8

Connection: You believe Nichole can help you control and understand your abilities, if you can get her to talk about it.

Advancement(4XP each. Must complete 4 to Advance in Tier)
Increase Capabilities(Four points into stat pools)?
Move Towards Perfection(Add 1 to one of your Edges)?
Extra Effort(Increase Effort score by 1)?
Skill Training(Become Trained in one skill of your choice or Specialize in one skil you are Trained in)?



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